November 2017
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My Classes

My Yoga classes follow a dynamic, flowing structure. Each class consists of breathing exercises, strengthening exercises, Yoga postures and concentration/relaxation exercises.
According to my understanding “pretzeling-up” can be a lot of fun, but is not necessary for a profound Yoga practice. That is why most of my classes focus on easy, efficient exercises which will enhance your daily life’s activities. I offer designated “pretzel-up” classes, for those of us who enjoy it.
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During the exercises I focus on two main components:
Dynamic stretch 
Dynamic stretching is a great way to quickly release tension from the muscles and teach the muscles to regain confidence in an extended range of motion. Almost all my class series start with dynamic stretching exercises, where we will continuously move in and out of the postures, following the deep abdominal breath. Once body and mind are trained in experiencing the tremendous transformation through these subtle movements, we will use the more advanced classes to reduce the movement to a minimum and hold the postures. Here we will be able to experience and direct the flow of energy.
My approach to strengthening body and mind focuses on functionality for daily life activities. I want to empower you to feel confident with your body, movements (like picking up stuff, walking stairs, sitting down, etc.), mental capacity and even emotional stability.
The classes are offered at different levels 

We will use very easy exercises. Continuous slow movements combined with deep breathing. The classes help to release stress from the muscles, allow the muscle to elongate, gently build strength and calm the mind.

In these classes some of the more hidden muscles will be trained, which we could not reach in level one yet. We will mix the continuous flow with holding some of the postures for a few deep breaths. The strengthening part of the class will be emphasized more, so that focus and breath control will be enhanced and improved. Even though the classes are more demanding, the experience of relaxation at the end of the class will be even deeper.

Even though the posture will be a bit more complex, I will stay away from Chinese circus acrobatics. Once you followed the previous classes that lead up to this level, you will be able to follow the sequence or modify if necessary. These classes are mostly demanding for your willpower and strength of mind. They will help to give you more endurance and clarity of mind.
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We will also offer
Chair Yoga
  • Breathing on chair 
  • Exercises on the chair or standing up 
  • Relaxation on chair
Yoga Lunch: 30 Min easy yoga class
  • 25 Min Easy stretches tailored for the working population
  • 5 Min guided relaxation
“I am teaching Yoga and Meditation for more than 25 years. In this time, I have noticed that most students change their routines to frequently because they get bored with “doing the same thing” over and over. They do not seem to see that repetition is the key factor to improvement. Only if you do one exercise over and over, will you be able to experience the deeper levels of this exercises. Or as Bruce Lee put it “I fear not the man who has practiced 10000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10000 times.
I would like to encourage you to stick to one routine for a while. It is said that body and mind need about 30 days to get used to new routines and patterns. So if you can, try to stick to one routine for about 4 Weeks, than move on to the next level.
Guided Meditations
Our guided meditations will offer different techniques to calm the mind and lead you to a state of focus, attentiveness and peace of mind.
The meditations will last from 10 – 20 Minutes.

The Tutorials
The most important part of a profound yoga practice is to understand how the exercises are done correctly.
Most of the yoga exercises follow a step by step process to take you deeper in the experience of the exercise.
My tutorials offer very thorough instructions on how to approach each step of the exercise.
I would like to empower you. with the knowledge of a safe and efficient system so you can feel confident in your practice at home and thrive in the path to health and happiness.

Did You know?
I will explain Yoga and Yoga related subjects for you to get a better understanding of the complexity and beauty of this science.