November 2017
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We feel honored to provide a profound, efficient system of tutorials and practice videos on Yoga, Meditation and Mantras. Step by Step instructions will lead you at an experience of peace of mind, health and concentration.

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  • Marcel Anders-Hoepgen
Marcel Anders-Hoepgen

Marcel is an internationally renown Yoga Master, Inspirational Speaker, Musician and published author. 2016 he was invited into the tradition of Nath-Yogis, where he was initiated into the state of “Paramahamsa-Nath” in 2017 and given the name “Ishanath”. Marcel has a diverse background, which began with strong role models as parents. From his father, who was a preacher, and his mother, who studied naturopathic medicine, he was exposed to meditation and relaxation practices early on. He obtained a Master of Arts in Music from Music College Cologne, and a Masters in Business Administration from University of Kaiserslautern. He became an accomplished musician recording two albums and performing in over 400 concerts, which he coordinated and arranged himself. Having a successful career as a guitarist took its toll on Marcel’s hand causing pain and discomfort. Marcel returned to his roots and used meditation and yoga to improve the condition of his hand. Experiencing the true power of meditation and yoga Marcel immersed himself fully in the practice and teaching of this ancient science. After studying with Yoga Master Shri Yogi Hari over twelve years, he obtained Yoga Master status. He published seven books.

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  • Mantra and Kirtan

    The practice of Mantras and Kirtan helps to remove energetic blockages, frees the mind from negative thoughts, and fills the heart with joy and contentment.

  • Hatha Yoga and Meditation

    Learn the ancient science of Hatha Yoga and Meditation step by step, to gain perfect health, learn to control the breath and develop concentration which transcends the mind.

  • Tutorials and Philosophy

    You can deepen your understanding of the exercises and the philosophical background in the tutorial-, did you know- and story – videos.